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IF... all Dimensions / Universes Possess The Same Level Of Power (see story and trailer at home page) and that Power was distributed amongst its Fighters WHO WILL WIN? (i.e. in this scenario the power rating of the most powerful beings in every universe are about the same... Superman's overall powers will be comparable to Hulk, Shao Kahn, Shin Gouki, etc... get it?  It will all depend on skill, strategy, and the fighters' unique abilitites)
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The Chars Folder

.DEF File 

Note: Open .def, .cns, .cmd files with Notepad 

In MUGEN, character and stage files contain a file that has the .def extension to it. The .DEF file basically is the master file that that defines which files are connected to a particular character or stage. If you look at the example below (guile.def) the character guile's def files tell us the name of all the other files associated with that character. 

The extensions usually will tell you what the file does. Here a quick overview of common files found on a character: 

.def - master file that defines which files are associated with a character or stage 
.cns - file that defines character traits such as strength, special moves, size, etc. 
.cmd - this file lists the commands on how basic, special, and hyper moves are performed. This file also contains the character's AI (most of the time) 
.sff - sprites of the character 
.air - animation file 
.snd - sound file 
.act - palette 

What can be modified in the DEF file? 

displayname = "put anything you want here if you want to customize how your character's name get displayed" 

That's it for now... sometimes a character will have multiple versions of files that does the same thing in which case you can decide which file you want to use. For example, some characters have multiple files for a character's different AI levels. Since a character can only have one CMD file, you can select which one your character uses. 

Sample DEF File: 

; Definition file for Guile 
;[Player Information] 
name = "Guile" ;Name of character 
displayname = "Guile" ;Name of character to display 
versiondate = 2003.5.17 ;Version date of character 
mugenversion = 2001.04.14 ;Version of M.U.G.E.N character works on 
author = "N64Mario" ;Character author name 
pal.defaults = 1,2,3,4,5,6 ;Default palettes in order of preference 
;[Common Files] 
cmd = common/command.cmd ;Commands 
cns = common/constant.cns ;Constants 
stcommon = common/common.cns ;Common States 
sprite = common/sprite.sff ;Sprites 
anim = common/animation.air ;Animation 
sound = common/sound.snd ;Sound 
st = state/guile.cns ;Guile's States 
st2 = state/guile-s.cns ;Special States 
st3 = state/guile-h.cns ;Hyper States 

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