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Ultimate Crossover Tournament
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Which Universe Will Win?
IF... all Dimensions / Universes Possess The Same Level Of Power (see story and trailer at home page) and that Power was distributed amongst its Fighters WHO WILL WIN? (i.e. in this scenario the power rating of the most powerful beings in every universe are about the same... Superman's overall powers will be comparable to Hulk, Shao Kahn, Shin Gouki, etc... get it?  It will all depend on skill, strategy, and the fighters' unique abilitites)
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ROUND 2.... FIGHT!!!
Tournament Battle Videos

Team DC Heroes_1  VS  Team Avengers


Team DC Heroes_2  VS  Team Marvelous 4


Team DC Villains_1  VS  Team Marvel Elite


Team MK Legends  VS  Team SF_2


Team Movie Warriors  VS  Team Gods


Team Red Earth  VS  Team DBZ_2


Team SF Bosses  VS  Team MK Ninjas


Team SF Power  VS  Team MK Bosses


Team SF Skillz  VS Team MK Women


Team SF_1  VS  Team World Heroes_1


Team KI  VS  Team Samurai Shodown Villains


Tem Magic  VS  Team Supernatural


Team World Heroes_2  VS  Team Samurai Shodown Heroes


Team X-Men  VS  Team DC Villains_2


Team X-Villains  VS  Team DBZ_1


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