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Which Universe Will Win?
IF... all Dimensions / Universes Possess The Same Level Of Power (see story and trailer at home page) and that Power was distributed amongst its Fighters WHO WILL WIN? (i.e. in this scenario the power rating of the most powerful beings in every universe are about the same... Superman's overall powers will be comparable to Hulk, Shao Kahn, Shin Gouki, etc... get it?  It will all depend on skill, strategy, and the fighters' unique abilitites)
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What You Get With The Ultimate MUGEN Guide

Tutorial on How to Set-up Mugen Properly Including Gamepad Controllers

Tutorial on Editing Characters and How to Balance Your Mugen Game

How to Add/Remove Characters and Stages

How to Play Mugen on Your Smartphone
(Includes Updates on Mugen for Other Devices)

Links and Reviews to Over 150 Mugen Sites
(many of these sites are not even searchable through Google)

Links and Reviews to Ready-to-Play Mugen Games
(Includes Multiverse Final Battle, Star Wars, DC vs Marvel, DBZ Dream, many more...)

So How Do You Access All This???

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System Requirements for a MUGEN Game:
PC running Windows XP or above
20 GB Available Hard Drive Space (recommended)

We claim no rights to the MUGEN game engine, nor to any of the characters, stages, music, and all items related to the many different fighting games and comic book universes.  This guide is simply a means to educate the general public on what Mugen is, what can be done with it, how to work with it, and where to go for all Mugen-related resources.  We do not host any files related to Mugen.  We simply point people to the right direction.  The Guide's main purpose is to show all fighting game fans how to realize their dream of creating or just playing their own version of the Ultimate Fighting Game.  

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